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Artist Dana Queen

"To travel the earth and see, is a gift. To travel the earth and learn, is knowledge. To travel the earth and PAINT, is a dream come true."

Through many years of painting alongside renown surrealist John Pitre, who himself studied at the world famous Art Student League in New York, Dana developed the classical Old Masters technique of oil painting. Great interest in her art began when she started showing her work at the "Honolulu Zoo Fence". In a short period of time, she sold several hundred pieces of art. She was soon in better art galleries (Center Art Gallery, Images Art) and from there was invited to join the Wyland Galleries. Dana Queen was commissioned by the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii to depict the delicate balance of plant and animal life that exist in Hawaii's rain forest. In 1988 Dana was recognized and sought after by one of the largest publishers in Japan, where she continues to be a well known and successful Artist. One of her recent works, "Sanctuary", a painting of the magnificent White Tigers, was scooped up at a Las Vegas show before it could even be framed by John W. Kluge. This gentleman was the first to introduce the White Tiger to the U.S.A. Dana's desire is to capture those magical moments in Nature that can be so fleeting. Her ability to do so is what has established her as an internationally collected Artist.


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